Healing Sessions offer the intelligence of yin yoga - a deeply restorative and opening practice, blended with a variety of healing modalities used to meet the current state of your mind, body and soul.



“Yin sessions somehow combine all the benefits of yin with a variety of healing offerings, and no session is ever the same. natalie is truly intuitive, always getting to the point of what is needed, and always bringing with her an amazing array of offeringS! ”  - michelle k.


Yin Yoga offers a balance to the fast paced culture and world we find ourselves in. While yang styles of yoga are often more active and heating, yin provides the meditative and cooling qualities that are incredibly supportive to our bodies, minds, nervous systems and beyond. Yin Healing Sessions generally provide an even more subtle and restorative practice than sometimes found in the yoga studio. Posture are held for 5 - 10 minutes with the support of yoga props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps).

Plan to be supported while in the postures, and as you transition to and from. In addition to guidance around the postures and practice itself, you can also plan to receive some of the following:

  • Massage and touch | intended to support your connective tissues and nervous system in softening into the posture and practice

  • Music and sound baths | using a variety of instruments (such as a: singing bowl, rainstick, sensula, ukulele, chimes, etc.)

  • Feather blessings | offering the air-like qualities of feathers, these blessings are etherial and cleansing to the whole being

  • Essential oils | providing the medicinal and supportive quality of herbs to ground, cool, calm, uplift, open, etc. - all depending on the needs presented

  • Guided breath and meditation | practices to draw you further into tranquility, centeredness and healing

  • Somatic experiencing | held as an option, this is an opportunity to explore any psycho-somatic experiences arriving through the postures and practice that may guide you to uncovering or releasing stress or emotions

All postures, tools, and offerings are designed to guide you to restoration, peace, heart and home!




Sessions may be offered at my home, and I am also available for home-visits (location depending). Depending on the group size, there is availability for in-studio sessions.

70-minute session | $105

90-minute SESSIOn | $125

3-session package (70-minute)| $300

3-session package (90-minute)|$350

*available for small groups:

addition per/person | $35

For questions or bookings, please contact me at: nataliemarieshapiro@gmail.com, or fill out this form.

Thank you!


“it is like yoga meets massage, energy healing, and the arms of my mother! i cannot believe this exists. beyond grateful. - jamie L.