Is the Immersion for you?


Your experience is unique. And while the following list may touch on some points of your experience, it may also leave out many. You will know what rings true, and not every point needs to be your story for you to begin taking steps.

    • More time is spent thinking about restriction rather than nourishment  
    • You are not sure how, what, or when to eat
    • Food micro-management and/or emotional eating are no strangers
    • You consider your relationship with food challenging, even "disordered" 
    • Much time is spent feeling out-of-control and result with goal setting and dieting (long or short term)
    • Seeing yourself in pictures and mirrors may be challenging
    • Self-touch is foreign, infrequent, and perhaps uncomfortable
    • Broken goals and diets may chip away at your Soul and integrity 
    • You find yourself staying inward or waiting to do this or that until...
    • A piece of yourself - mind, body, or soul - is waiting to step forward
    • You trust there may be more to this than just another diet or exercise program
    • You are ready to begin living a different story

    If you are feeling called, my invitation for you is to explore the Immersion below -  all created to guide you back home to Self.


    The Immersion was created to guide women on the path back home to themselves. This path takes patience, much practice, and a willingness to shift the way you think about food, your body, and Soul. The way you eat will change, and your body may even change, but more importantly, your internal experience will shift, granting you access to pieces of yourself that you, perhaps, have yet to meet. 

    The Immersion

    • One 20-minute Immersion Exploration Call prior to sessions
    • Eight 60-minute sessions every other week 
    • One 45-minute follow-up call four weeks following final session 
    • A simple Tool-Kit sent following the first session 
    • Tools, activities, and guidelines to support you between sessions 
    • Five personalized meditation practices
    • Ongoing access via e-mail throughout the Immersion and thereafter
    • A highly personalized Immersion designed to uniquely support you
    • (Optional) e-mailed recording of each session

    The Work : Social-Psychology 

    While the Immersion calls on the teachings outside of traditional modalities, there is still much use in calling on some its greatest tools:

    • Explore your subconscious/conscious thoughts, beliefs, and stories
    • Uncover patterns and messaging from personal, inter-personal, familial, and societal relationships and experiences that shape your experience with food and your body 
    • Investigate engrained patterns and messages, build tools to release them, and reweave healthy and supportive patterns and messages
    • Unweaving web of guilt and shame, and their connections to desire for love, acceptance, and belonging
    • Build confidence, trust, and self-compassion

    The Work : Food and Body

    Expect to explore the following: 

    • Integrative nutrition and dietary theory 
    • Health and media literacy
    • Nourishment versus restriction 
    • Dieting and calorie management 
    • Activity, movement practices, and exercise
    • And much more

    The Work : Body and Soul

    Bridging the Soul rests on the notion that while there are many reasons women experience challenging relationships with food and their bodies, the root of the experiences rests in the hands of the body and Soul. And as much as a direct dietary approach may seem to be the clearest path out of the woods, the callings of the Soul require a much deeper quality of attention. So, we will explore and utilize:

    • Somatic (body) archeology
    • Self-compassion theory 
    • Generational patterning
    • Meditation and pranayama
    • Our guides - the directions, elements, and archetypes 
    • Breathing practices, yoga, and meditation


    Every woman has a unique story and experience. With the Immersion, not one woman ever receives the same support as another, for every woman requires a unique prescription - a personalized compass - that can only support her unique self. The Immersion will not only support you in walking the path to heal your relationship with food and your body so you can live from Soul, but the Soul itself will be one of our greatest tools in ushering you back to peace with food, love for your body, and home within.


    After completing your application, I will connect with you to schedule your Immersion Exploration Call. This is an interview for both of us. You'll want to see if I am the right fit for you, and I want to be sure I am the right person to offer you the best support possible. 

    It is powerful that you are here and I am deeply honored to be of guidance to you on this journey. 

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