One-on-one guidance offers an array of practices and tools to support you in awakening wholeness from within.   


Every session is attuned and created to meet a person's needs in that moment in time. Through a combination of psyche exploration, body-centered, energetic, soulful, sound based, meditative and guided practices, you will be ushered towards more balance and a greater sense of wholeness.

Guidance offerings are not created or meant to "fix," but instead to create space for you to come to more fully know and be with your Self, and from this place of wholeness, you access the inner-guide.  The journey here holds the power of not only healing, but also re-awakening the inherent wholeness resting in your being.


“A flower won’t open if I yell at it and say “Bloom!”

- Marion Woodman


When working in the realm of the human psyche,  it is okay, even beneficial, to go-slow-to-go-fast. Digging into the core of our patterns, beliefs and wounds, then trying to blow them up from the inside-out isn't always the most sustainable way to create transformation. Perhaps change, but not transformation.

Guidance is designed to support you in coming home to Self and to access your inner-compass with the intention of transformation - thus honoring the time it takes any and all flowers to bloom. 

Tools that may be used during a one-on-one session:

Sessions will likely begin with a conversational check-in and end with time for integration. During sessions, you can expect some of the following*: 

  • Explorative and archetypical mapping of the psyche

  • Guided meditations and journeys

  • Nature-based practices and explorations

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Movement based practices

  • Dream-tending

  • Energy support

  • Sound therapy

  • Practices to take home with you

Learn about Natalie’s work with nature-based immersion The Red Thread here.



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