Create a nourishing relationship with food, love your body and rediscover Soul. 



Food is nourishment - vitality. Every woman is born with an innate sense of knowing and intuition of how to best utilize food to fuel her unique and bio-individual body. 

Over time, we have shifted into a culture that promotes: micro-management, suffering, dis-ease, and personal mistrust around one's relationship with food. 

Bridging the Soul was created for women to reconnect to the innate wisdom within, to let go of suffering, and to rebuild a relationship with food that is of ease, peace, and joy.


Bodies are the holders of knowledge and wisdom. They are greatest tools to live out passion, connect with loved ones, work, play, and gather insight.

Along the way, women's bodies have become a thing to control and manage. The aesthetic of the body has become the focal-point, creating a loss in experiencing the body as a tool to live life through.

The time has come to reclaim love for the body - stepping away from feeling imprisoned within it, and instead creating a relationship that provides both health and freedom. 


The Soul is home. It is the wise place within. A place that exists beyond the thinking mind; a place that has always been and will always be.  

Soul is the integral yet forgotten piece of the puzzle that dramatically shifts the food-body paradigm. When repeated patterns of discomfort and suffering occur, there is likely something within the Soul that yearns to be seen, heard, or healed.

Bridging the Soul supports women to remember the wise Soul within, while simultaneously using Soul as a guide to peace with food and love for the body.

Unravel and reweave your relationship with food, body and Soul.


Moving past the struggle around the food-body paradigm requires letting go of predictability and control, and instead stepping into ease and trust. Together we will explore and implement practices that will guide you to your greatest and most sustainable health, while not exhausting you or your body in the process.  

The Immersion was created to fully meet and support every woman's unique needs, for there is no one diet, body or way of being. It blends tools in modern therapeutic treatment with alternative modalities to create powerful opportunities for meaningful change and true healing.  

These food-body relationships are never black or white, good or bad, right or wrong - and they differ from woman to woman. The development of the Immersion stems from years of working closely with women and in so, discovering how necessary a multi-approach program is in order to truly experience healing and real change. 



"I found Natalie at just the right point in my personal journey of growth and healing. Her soulful support and compassion is a perfect compliment to her skillfulness in sharing knowledge and wisdom. This combination makes her a safe, effective ally in any journey towards health. I have such trust in her and her service to others and such gratitude for her impact in my life."

— Kat D.

"It is hard to put into words just how much I appreciate having worked with Natalie. I had no idea just how much my relationship with my body was keeping from living life the life I wanted. I no longer dislike myself, and I truly know I am worth having what I want. Because of this, too, my relationship with food has completely changed. I no longer get nervous about eating or freak out about what it will or won’t do to my body. Natalie seriously changes lives." 

— Ashley W.

"Working with Natalie was the step that finally let me make the shift I had spent years trying to. After many years of compulsive, emotional, and binge eating, and hating my body thereafter, I had no idea there was a way out. I thought that was my life. Now, I no longer feel shameful when it comes to food and that alone has completely revolutionized my relationship with it." 

— Michelle G.