There are a number of ways to connect and work together. 



In addition to weekly classes, workshops and retreats, yoga and meditation offerings include: single/group privates, guest teaching and class offerings at events, retreats or gatherings. 

Clinical offerings are also available to eating disorder and mental health clients at both in- and out-patient facilities.   


Ritual Sacred Circles are small or large gatherings at homes or in communal spaces offered for: New Moon or Full Moon circles, festivals, women's groups, celebrations, major life changes, cacao ceremonies and much more.  These circles are crafted to support us in living with more steadiness and ease through current tides of our lives and these times. 


One-on-one guidance is created personally and uniquely for you and are a blend of psychological, somatic, emotional, energetic and soulful practices ushering you back to your inner-compass, back to the guide within.

These can be virtual or in-person sessions.


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If you are in need of support and guidance around relationship with food and body image, please explore more information about the Immersion