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GUIDANCE | One-on-one guidance is designed to invite in a greater sense of Self and wholeness from within. Instead of becoming your healer and teacher, you are supported to embody your own guide. Dissimilar to the normal forms of counsel in western culture, guidance sessions are not created to "fix" or "treat," but instead, to awaken the wholeness within you. 

Through the avenue of your current experience blended with a concoction of practices, modalities, maps and journeys, we will explore the means that offers you your highest and clearest path to wholeness and Self.

YOGA & MEDITATION | Through yoga practices and meditation, we nourish a relationship and a conversation between body, mind, and soul. By combining movement, conscious breathing, and mediative practices, the container is created to traverse beyond "everyday reality" and into a field that allows us to break into new ways of knowing and experiencing.   

These offerings are delivered in a way to generate physical and energetic balance within - making the body a gateway to enhanced clarity, wisdom and the guide within. Join me for: classes, workshops and retreats. 

RITUAL | Ritual circles and gatherings are designed for individuals (coming together in small groups or community) who desire to expand upon their inner-compass through: somatic intelligence, the emotional body, imagination, intuition, heart-centered wisdom, connection to mystery and Soul. 

These intentional journeys invite us to shift awareness, allowing the voice of the inner-guide and teacher to be heard. Through this, we are offered insight we may not otherwise hear due to the active and logical mind. Within these practices, we begin to uncover the fullness of our Selves that rests within. 

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As a guide, the fullest intention of my offerings are to present the space and support for you to return home to the fullness of Self.

As I've journeyed in the field of health and wellness for almost a decade now, working with women privately and in groups, leading classes and retreats, and holding circles and ritual, it has become undeniable that within the larger human family, what is ultimately screaming for attention are the places deep within - the callings of Soul.

In a world where fixing, changing and altering have found there ways into psychology, spiritual practices, and now even onto our bodies, it has become unmistakably clear that "healing" must be viewed, explored, and met with a radically new lens. It is not the "fixing" that needs to be further developed, instead, it is a willingness to come into intimate relationship with the fullest range of one's Self.  More of our pieces must be welcomed on this journey, making space for our unique expressions to be lived into the world. We must seek not to change the exterior and superficial, but instead, open ourselves to being transformed from the deepest places within.

The combination of my offerings in the fields of one-on-one guidance, yoga and meditation, ritual and ceremony, and nature-based practices were created from an integration of my education, apprenticeships, and trainings, along with my own experiences and unique path.  As I too am on the epic life-journey of remembering the fullness of my own Self, I sincerely believe we are all met with the task to access this central, Soulful place as a mechanism for personal and global transformation.  

I treat these offerings with great honor and responsibility. And as we journey back towards a loving and whole relationship to Self, my hope is that we come to balance with all the parts living within, while also healing and expanding our relationship to and with the world.